Friday, April 3, 2020


I don’t write a lot of checks. In 2019 I wrote only 7, and 5 of them were to government entities that penalize citizens for paying by credit card. I understand that the credit card companies have transaction fees, but I’m very disinclined to pay them in the form of “convenience” charges.

Today I wrote my second check of 2020. Like the first one, it was a quarterly water bill payment. Also like the first one, it was delivered to City Hall by hand. That’s how cheap I am sometimes: I won’t even part with an envelope and postage stamp if I can help it.

I’m not a bike commuter and it’s a rare day when I run errands on the bike, but today I did. The dropbox at City Hall is super convenient. I rode straight to it from home, left my payment, then did the rest of my ride. Fitness, frugality, and social distancing? Check, check, and check!

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