Sunday, April 19, 2020

There’s That Wisconsin Spring!

April began with such promise: 7 rides in the first 7 days, 10 rides in the first 12 days. And then our characteristically bad springtime weather returned with a vengeance: cold temperatures, high winds, snow. Yesterday was our first 60° day in a week, but relentless 20-30 mph winds kept me off the bike. I did a solid ruck march on the Eisenbahn State Trail and through Forest View Park, so the day wasn’t a total loss. I even got to wear the super cool Merrell trail shoes I bought earlier this year:

Those haven’t seen a lot of action yet, but I expect to have them for a long time. (Would you believe I still have these after almost 10 years?) The Merrells will be my light-duty hikers when I don’t need the extra protection of beefy leather boots. Walking and hiking challenge the body in ways that cycling does not. Both activities are low-impact, but as weight-bearing activities they still stimulate bone cell growth better than cycling. Neither is an anaerobic challenge, but their slow-paced nature makes them great at burning fat while keeping cortisol (stress hormone) levels in check.

Today I got back in the saddle after a 1-week absence. I was content with 24 miles around town. With wind chill in the low 40s, I wasn’t feeling ambitious, but at least the sunshine was nice. Lack of ambition has been kind of a theme for me this season. I still haven’t done a ride in excess of 30 miles. I just can’t talk myself into a multi-hour ride encumbered by layer upon layer of thermal clothing. I'm out of hope for April, so perhaps May ...

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