Sunday, August 1, 2010

All In Good Time

This weekend turned out reasonably well, but it took more patience than I usually can conjure to make it so. On Saturday morning I was up at 5:30 to eat breakfast and prepare for a 6:30 ride, but the weather wasn’t to my liking: too chilly and too likely to produce more rain. So I waited until nearly 2 p.m. before I got on the bike. Even that late in the day there were a few raindrops but nothing sustained or heavy. I got home at 6 p.m. after completing my 10th metric century of 2010.

This morning was not as slow to warm up, and knowing that we would get well into the 80s, I used the morning to complete my yardwork. I was so heavily covered in sweat, insect repellent and grass clippings that I took a shower before my bike ride. (Are the mosquitoes exceptionally bad this year or what?) Today’s ride was something of an equipment test: I stole the carbon seatpost from my Giant OCR1—now on permanent trainer duty—and installed it on my “trail bike,” the Giant FCR3. That meant swapping saddles and screwing with the seatpost height, but it was worth it. I think I’ve found a better fit, one that has me sitting marginally higher than before. Obviously I didn’t need to swap seatposts to achieve a better fit; it just worked out that way. The old alloy seatpost will be fine for trainer duty while the carbon seatpost will be lighter and more shock absorbing on the FCR3. Over the winter I’d like to replace the FCR3’s stem, and then hopefully I’ll be done tinkering with it for a while.

Tomorrow’s a rest day … legs are a little fried.

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