Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Not Knowing

Last week I learned that my business trip to Georgia has been postponed.  I had expected to begin a three-week project there on Jan. 9.  I have been looking at the trip as a unique opportunity to create a training camp for myself, as I can take my bike and trainer, ride outdoors on the weekends, use the company’s fitness center, and control every aspect of my diet.  The project is still on, but the start date is now anyone’s guess.  Hopefully I will get a firm start date during this week’s teleconference.

Because the business trip is delayed, I have an opportunity to attend the cyclocross national championships in Verona next Sunday.  Right now the weather forecast is favorable.  If it turns too cold or wet, then I’ll watch the live webcast.  And I’ll use the next 7-10 days to buy my new USA Cycling license, my state trails pass and my state parks vehicle sticker.  It remains to be seen whether I will attend the Team Pedal Moraine party/meeting on Jan. 14.  I would love to spend time with teammates and make plans for the 2012 season, but I might be heading for Georgia that weekend.

Moving the project’s start date to Jan. 16 would be OK, I guess, but moving it just one more week into the future would jeopardize my participation at Washington County Winter Bike Day—an event I am supposed to host—and at the annual planning meeting for the Washington County Bicycle Club, both scheduled for Feb. 11.  I will make every effort to get back to West Bend in time for those events.

Meanwhile the 2012 racing calendars still are not available from the WCA, Wisport, WEMS, ABR, ToAD or Superweek.  Having that information would allow me to create my personal race calendar, and that would be very good motivation as I get serious about my winter training.  Most of those races fall on the same weekends every year, so I can make some assumptions.  But it’s the not knowing that sucks.

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