Friday, January 27, 2012

Rides Of The Yankee

When you last heard from me I was kvetching about the lack of riding opportunities here in Georgia.  I rode on the day I arrived and then suffered a conspiracy of late workdays and rainy weather.  This week was better: I rode after work on Wednesday and again today.  But that’s it.  I’m done.  My grand total for “Winter Training Camp” is a paltry 45 miles.

What about next week?  Well, the work project that was supposed to be a three-week commitment is now taking a different course.  I will resume the work from home on Monday.  The entire project will require far more than the three weeks we initially predicted, and we’ve recognized that bringing the team together in teleconferences and web-based meetings will be at least as effective—and certainly cheaper—than bringing the team together in person.  So, my next “ride” is the 850-mile drive home.  I intend to bang it out tomorrow.

Atlanta’s weather will be nice this weekend and I would have had great opportunities to ride if I were staying.  That’s too bad.  But on a positive note, getting home early will give me an extra week to promote Washington County Winter Bike Day.  And I plan to spend Sunday morning watching streaming coverage of the UCI World Cyclocross Championships, something that would have been impossible with the slow Internet speeds I get in my hotel room.

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