Friday, June 22, 2012


Almost exactly a year ago, I set a personal record on my Eisenbahn State Trail time trial route that I thought might stand forever.  I covered the 14.4 miles from 2nd Street in Kewaskum to the Eden town line sign on County Highway V in 46:27.  That was such an improvement over my previous best, 49:44, that I figured it might just be a freak performance.  But today I beat it, finishing in 45:18.  That’s an average of 19.07 mph, on a gravel rec trail, on a cyclocross bike with a 46-tooth chainring and balding 700x30 tires.  Not bad.

My total time from home to Eden was just 1:18:21, and the entire ride—which included a little loop through my neighborhood to get me to an even 50 miles—took just 2:49:35 (17.69 mph).  That’s a good effort for an after-work ride on which I had no real ambitions until I got to Kewaskum and realized I had great legs.

It was only my second timed effort on the route this year.  The first one was back on March 21, and it wasn’t a sincere attempt at a personal best.  I finished in 51:30.

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