Thursday, June 28, 2012


If you read this blog regularly, then you should be aware of the 6 p.m. Thursday group ride that leaves from the high school parking lot at the corner of River & Decorah.  There’s a Facebook group devoted to it and you can join to keep up with news about the ride.  It’s not a big crowd, but it’s a good quality crowd.  And the ride itself is not a knock-down, drag-out affair on which the primary objective is to hurt everyone, but it’s good training.  Riders typically cover 30-40 miles at 17-19 mph average—the speed can be much higher at times—and there’s no predetermined route.  Sometimes the whole ride is flat, and sometimes the riders are challenged by a succession of hills.

Tonight’s ride was something between flat and hilly.  We’ll call it “lumpy.”  Here’s the route map (we traveled in a clockwise direction):

And here’s the elevation profile:

I’m sharing these details with you because I want to share the ride with you.  Spread the word and join us.  The ride will continue into mid-September, at which point waning daylight will force us to shut down until next spring.

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