Saturday, June 30, 2012

Midway Through 2012

Today was a fantastic finish to the first half of the year.  It began with a well-attended Washington County Bicycle Club ride on which I met a couple of new people who rode really well and clearly enjoyed themselves.  Three cyclocross bikes were at the front of the pack today as Jeff Wren, Ian Prust and I turned the ride into a little bit of training for the season that will begin in just 10 weeks.  Smaller chainrings and wider tires made us work harder than our companions on the 40-mile route.

The 'cross bikes get a rest while their riders enjoy post-ride beers at Riverside Brewery & Restaurant in West Bend.
When I got home from the club ride I watched the early rebroadcast of today’s Tour de France prologue.  I had kept myself from learning the winner and was able to enjoy the coverage as if it were live.  Truly live racing came later: I visited Downer Avenue in Milwaukee for today’s stage of the Tour of America’s Dairyland.  It’s always a great time and a great opportunity to see my cycling friends … though some of them struggle to recognize me in street clothes!

The top women racers line up for the start of their 60-minute criterium at Downer Avenue.

In years past I presented you with a midyear statistical breakdown.  It’s kind of neat information, so I’ll share this year’s numbers with you, though the real story of 2012 has been mountain bike racing.  Through June 30 I have covered 2,474 miles in 97 rides for a 25.51 average.  That compares to 1,961 / 70 / 28.01 last year.  I set personal records in January, February and March, taking advantage of an uncommonly mild winter.  My per-ride average is down this year because of mountain biking, but who cares?  I’ve done more rides for more miles with more variety and more intensity.  I have more fitness and the season has been more fun.

We’re halfway through 2012 but I’m not even close to halfway through my racing season.  I will look for additional fitness gains during the first half of July, then apply them to WORS races on July 15 and 22.  August will be a transitional month as I consolidate my position in WORS while refining my cyclocross skills in anticipation of the season opener on September 8.  October, November and December probably will belong exclusively to ’cross.  And to begin 2013?  Well, maybe a little rest will be in order.

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