Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Full Stop.

Today the Wisconsin Cycling Association announced the cancellation of its 2020 cyclocross season. No one should be surprised, but it’s OK to be disappointed. And it’s OK to miss the Tuesday evening practice series at Royal Oaks Park in West Bend, which would have begun its 9th season next month. I’ll try to bring that back in 2021 if there’s a demand for it.

I now have literally nothing to train for in 2020, and my season really is going to be just an accumulation of statistics. It’s a good thing I find them motivating, though I know they mean nothing to anyone else. Today is a rest day for me. I’ll be back in the saddle tomorrow and I hope I won’t be too bummed about cyclocross to give a good effort.

My numbers are important to me and this week none is more important than 40. This is my first week back at full employment since early April. In my July 7 blog post I was kvetching about having to return to the office while still being limited to a 32-hour schedule, but happy days are here again … relatively speaking. I will feel that 20 percent bump in my paychecks starting next Friday.

With a lot of free time on my hands and a little extra walkin’ around money, I might run my odometer up to 5,000 miles and then leave the bikes alone for a while. I never allow myself to do as much hiking as I would like. Maybe this fall will provide the perfect opportunity to hit the trails on foot or to explore some new interest.

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