Sunday, July 26, 2020


This was a full-on summer day, the likes of which West Bend rarely sees. We’ve had a few 90° days this year but I don’t think the others came close to that 107° “feels like” reading. I’m sure the combination of air temperature, sun, high WSW winds, and high humidity made today a challenge for a lot of people.

But I revel in hot weather, so there was no hiding next to the air conditioner for me. I knocked out a 33-mile ride to complete yet another 200-mile week. (It’s a good thing I keep my own training log in Microsoft Excel, as Garmin Connect is still down.) I should hit 3,000 miles, year-to-date, in the week to come. Tomorrow I will do my 100th ride this season, and by mid-August I expect to reach this year’s “official” mileage goal: 3,530.

At this point, though, I won’t be satisfied with 2020 unless I get to 5,000 miles. That’s a worthy goal in this climate which, as we all know, far more frequently feels like 7° than like 107°.

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