Thursday, May 13, 2010

If You've Got The Stones ...

On April 17 I did a ride of my own design called OzWash Roubaix, a metric century that featured more than 6 miles of gravel and dirt roads in Washington and Ozaukee counties. It didn't attract a big crowd, but for those who took the challenge it was a feast of rough roads, rolling hills and high winds. Someday I hope to look back on this year’s ride as the humble start to a popular annual event, a ride that honors the traditions of the cobbled Spring Classics of northern Europe and is unique in this part of the state. I’m already working on an improved route for 2011 that will include even more unpaved sections.

Down in DeKalb IL, there’s a group of guys with the same concept. They don’t have much for hills, but they do appear to have more riders lined up and they have created a very cool promotional video. (Maybe that's what was missing from my OzWash Roubaix sales pitch.)

I’m doing this on May 30! Who’s with me? Get your cyclocross bike or your 29er and let’s tear up the flatlands!

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