Saturday, May 22, 2010

Something Like “Form”

In the past I relied on little more than the accumulation of miles to raise my fitness level as the season progressed. To a certain extent, that approach worked: I indisputably became more fit from spring through the end of summer. But it took forever and it never got me near my potential.

Over the winter I started to take interval training more seriously and in April I emerged from the home gym a lot fitter than in previous years. And now—to borrow a basketball term—I’m in the double bonus: interval training plus a rapid accumulation of miles. In short, I’m feeling good about my fitness level. I’m discovering something like “form,” that elusive sweet spot where you’re strong but not overtrained and starting to wear out. I’ve got to manage this. I want to give a strong performance next Sunday in DeKalb, then I need to be cool in June and not run myself into the ground. I’m still looking at the Wisport event in Omro as my first road race of the year, and that’s not until July 3. I’m finally starting to put together advanced training techniques with better nutrition and hydration, and perhaps most importantly, adequate rest. Feels good.

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