Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Personal Record … Kinda

Last year I created a self-timed Eisenbahn State Trail time trial. Prospective riders were asked to buy something at minimarts on either end of the course and use the receipts to prove their times. The course could be run as many times as desired over the summer with each rider’s best time counting in the final standings. My best time over the 14.8-mile course was 52:11 (17.02 mph). Just one other rider took my challenge but finished outside 1 hour.

Despite the lack of interest from others, I still think this is a cool idea. And it passes my don’t cost nuthin’ test. So, this year I’m going to make it a little easier … for you and for me. Forget about getting receipts; this year we’re strictly on the honor system. There’s no prize for winning, so cheating would just be silly. I want you to give this a try and to have fun. By taking out the receipts I’m removing the minimarts as the start/finish locations. Start at 2nd Street in Kewaskum. When you reach the end of the trail, take Reagan Drive to Shady Lane, then sprint for the Eden town line sign on County Highway V. That’s 14.3 miles, 0.5 miles shorter than last year, but long enough! If you do it right, it isn’t easy. As an old railroad line, there are no big hills on the Eisenbahn, but it isn’t dead flat, this part of it isn’t paved, and there are several road crossings to negotiate safely. Working in your favor is the remoteness of the route: between Kewaskum and Eden you may not see another soul. So, let ’er rip, but note that a road bike probably isn’t the best choice. You’ll be happier with a cyclocross bike or a 29er.

Today I covered the route in 49:44. That’s 17.25 mph. Technically I didn’t beat last year’s best time because it wasn’t exactly the same route. On the other hand, 17.25 is faster than 17.02. So that’s the new benchmark, something for me to beat. Care to try it yourself?

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