Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rocks In My Head

Today my body was back on the bike, pushing the pace on the flats, easily conquering a few little climbs, sprinting for road signs. But my mind was elsewhere. Next Sunday’s metric century ride-that-for-sure-is-not-a-race (wink, wink) has captured my imagination. Thanks to Facebook, I’m now one of 35 confirmed riders. Another 29 have said maybe. Some people won’t bother to confirm but will show up anyway. So, it’s looking like a good turnout and the weather forecast is favorable. I’m going to DeKalb to have fun, to test myself in conditions for which I feel particularly well-suited, and hopefully to learn more about how to organize and promote an event like this. It looks so much like what I want to do with OzWash Roubaix, only flatter.

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