Friday, April 26, 2013

Parking For Cheesehead Roubaix

This afternoon I met with the groundskeeper for Fireman's Park in Newburg, the start/finish location for Cheesehead Roubaix. He assured me that we're OK to park our vehicles on the blacktop and the gravel, but we need to stay off the grass. The Milwaukee River forms the northern boundary of the park and recent flooding has left the ground saturated. In the picture below, the best parking locations are shown in blue. The main lot is in the park itself; the smaller lot is at Newburg Village Hall.

Do not park right next to the fire department—there may actually be a fire and the volunteers who answer the call will need those spaces. It’s OK to enter/leave the park on the fire department’s driveway (see the green arrow). Right now there are barricades to discourage vehicles from using the park road (see the red lines), but the groundskeeper says those should be gone by Sunday. If we fill up the parking lots shown in the picture, then there’s still ample on-street parking within a block or two of the park.

Jay Road Is Open!

While painting the roads with turn arrows last Saturday, I noticed that a short section of Jay Road was closed by flooding. It has reopened. No detour will be necessary.

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