Friday, June 18, 2010

33 1/3

Today is Paul McCartney’s 68th birthday, but I’m dedicating my bike ride to the late, great George Harrison. With today’s ride I reached an even 2,000 miles for the year. And with this being my 60th ride, I’m averaging 33 1/3 miles per ride. 33 1/3 was the title of Harrison’s 1976 album. (Yes, I have it on vinyl. Yes, it plays at exactly 33 1/3 RPM.) In making a record of my own last year—a personal record of 4,800 miles—I reached the 2,000-mile mark on June 22, so I’m still on pace for another PR this year.

I rode the flatbar Giant FCR3 today and averaged 17 mph with a mix of on-road and (mostly) trail riding … not too shabby. I thought I would give my old road bike a rest today, as I will be spending plenty of time on it tomorrow. And today I received a UPS tracking number for my new Raleigh. Its arrival is something to look forward to, while my OCR1 gently creaks.

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