Saturday, June 12, 2010

Something New to Consider

Value-conscious cyclist that I am, one of my favorite abbreviations is NOS. That stands for “new old stock,” something the retailer got new from the manufacturer but didn’t sell. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s no longer the newest thing, and therefore no longer desirable at the MSRP (one of my least-favorite abbreviations).

In my search for a new road bike, I shouldn’t overlook this very attractively priced option. Rocky Mountain bikes are seldom seen around here—it’s a Canadian company whose only area retailer is Emery’s—but its bikes get consistently favorable reviews. The specs on the Solo 70 RSL compare very favorably to much more expensive bikes, including that Giant Defy Advanced 3. The Giant is a great bike, but it’s $600 more and I might not be able to get it in my size this late in the model year. The 2011s will hit the stores soon, with higher prices and lower specs. The Rocky Mountain Solo 70 RSL would be a great way for me to step up to carbon fiber at the price of a decent aluminum bike.

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