Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A New Off-Road Link

That little red line is where the new bridge will go.

Today I was very happy to see the new bridge that will span the Milwaukee River at Quaas Creek Park in West Bend, connecting the park’s trail system with the Wingate Creek Business Park. It’s a good-looking steel bridge, but it may be a little while before it’s in place. Right now it’s sitting in the parking lot of the softball complex. Once in place the bridge will be usable by cyclists, pedestrians and snowmobilers. It will be the only bridge in the four miles between River Road and County Highway M. When combined with the trail extension from the river north to Enterprise Street, the bridge will make Quaas Creek Park a really attractive place to gather for a group ride. I’ve got an idea for a fat-tire ride already, leaving the park westbound on the boardwalk, then traveling through Riverside Park to the Eisenbahn State Trail, then Glacial Blue Hills, then some meandering to the north and east before a return southbound through Sandy Knoll and over the new bridge to the finish. I promise it will be fun, but first the construction …

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