Wednesday, June 30, 2010

At the Midpoint

Here’s a quick breakdown of my cycling statistics midway through 2010:
  • 2,290 total miles
  • 1,503 road bike miles
  • 787 trail bike miles
  • 69 rides
  • 33.19 miles per ride
  • 49 hours of indoor trainer time
Mileage by Month:
  • 350 March (PR)
  • 650 April (PR)
  • 690 May
  • 600 June
Last Year on This Date:
  • 2,205 total miles
  • 67 rides
  • 32.91 miles per ride
  • 40 hours of indoor trainer time

I feel fitter and faster than last year, but I haven't really tested myself very much in 2010. I have yet to better the PR that I set on my road TT course in 2009, but I am faster on my trail TT course. I need to attempt both of those again soon. And I want to bang out a few centuries too; I haven't done any yet this year. DeKalb stands out as the highlight of the first half of 2010. Hopefully, Race the Lake will be the highlight of the second half.

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