Saturday, June 26, 2010

Social Butterfly

Turn that frown upside-down, Monarch.

What is it about Downer Avenue that turns me into someone with whom you almost wouldn’t mind being seen? I’m normally not the most outgoing person, but this evening at the penultimate stage of the Tour of America’s Dairyland I felt a little like a social butterfly. I got to Café Hollander right at 5 p.m. to rendezvous with my friend Brian and his wife Melissa. At about 5:30 we got an outdoor table and placed our order. Before the food arrived I excused myself to greet my friend Chuck, who was standing nearby with his wife and two kids. Chuck and I have known each other since 1980. He lives in Shorewood, so it wasn’t a huge surprise to see him. After dinner I spotted two more familiar faces, but the real highlight was meeting a former classmate with whom I had had no contact since we graduated from high school in June 1983! Handshakes, smiles, frites, good beer, perfect weather and a very competitive pro bike race … it all added up to a great evening.

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  1. Good times all around, the weather couldn't have been better, the food was great as always, and the beer was flowing freely. Great race too! Thanks for a good night, it was good to get out of my house and away from the flooded basement.